New Chapel Baptist Church

Welcome to New Chapel Baptist Church

Written on 09/09/2019
New Chapel Baptist Church

Humble Beginnings
1968 - 1970

A vision for New Chapel became a reality in 1968 in the basement of Pastor William Hill's Home located at 1968 Fendall Street, S.E., Washington, D.C. with his wife Missionary Cenell Hill by his side.

1970 - 1972
Moving to higher heights, New Chapel relocated in 1970 to 1972 to Eastern Avenue, Fairmount Heights, MD. The Deacon Ministry and Trustee Ministry were formed. Additionally, the first choir which was the Senior Choir, was formed. The Busy Bees Children's Choir was also established. This edifice was destroyed by fire on October 16, 1972. In November, the Mayor of Fairmont Heights offered the church the use of the Municipal Center.

Growing Through Change
1972 - 1978

In 1972 found New Chapel on the move once again. At the 1709 Kenilworth Avenue address, in Beaver Heights, MD, the Ministry began to flourish immensely. The Lord sent more Disciples and the organization of ministries continued: the Missionary Ministry, Sunday School, the Men & Women's Ministry, the Ensemble Gospel Choir, the Gospel Choir, Men's Choir, the Usher Board, the Flower Guild, the Pastor's Aide Committee, Junior Church Ministry, and Transportation Ministry. The first van & bus were purchased during this period.

1978 - 1987
God was continuing to bless New Chapel spiritually and financially and Pastor William Hill was receptive of God's goodness. His vision was realized as the need for a larger sanctuary came into focus. In September 1978, New Chapel moved to 4311 R Street, Beaver Heights, MD.

Looking to the Future
1987 - Present

After 8 years at the R. Street location, God still had greater things in store for His faithful believers. On April 26, 1987, New Chapel held their first service at their current location, 5601 Old Branch Avenue, Camp Springs, MD. Over 300 Disciples were in attendance. Following God's order to pass the baton to his second son, Rev. Dr. Kerry A. Hill, Pastor William Hill preached his last sermon as Pastor of New Chapel Baptist Church on Sunday, January 27, 2002. On Sunday, February 3, 2002, Rev. Dr. Kerry A. Hill preached his first message as Pastor of New Chapel. Pastor Kerry Hill founded the New Chapel Empowerment Complex in June 2003; a center where many facets of Kingdom Building will thrive.

1988 - Present
The Lord led Pastor William Hill to establish a quality community-based Daycare in 1988 with an enrollment of 25 children; under the direction of his son, Rev. Dr. Kerry Hill. In 1999, after 11 years of service, Rev. Kerry was joined by his wife, Reverend Donna Hill, who took over as Director/Principal of the Academy for five years. At present, Reverend Latarsha Jones serves as Principal.

New Chapel Christian Academy
Today, Rev. Kerry is the Pastor and his wife is the First Lady of New Chapel Baptist Church. Together they serve as Executive Directors of New Chapel Christian Academy, with a current enrollment of over 200 students.